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The Forum on Erosion Control in Drought Conditions occurred on July 27, 2021. 

In response to drought conditions, a forum was held on July 27, 2021.  This was intended to provide a platform for practitioners, vendors, and regulators to discuss issues and options.  The opinions presented by speakers are their own and may not reflect the policy or positions of the University of Minnesota or other Agencies or entities.  Some key points were:

  • The MPCA erosion control requirements are all still in effect, so you are still required to cover soils.
  • Discuss site problems early, and start talking about possible options now.  Change orders and material availability can require some time.
  • Don’t place seed if you don’t have water to support it.
  • Dormant seeding or fall seeding may be an option but will have to be evaluated later in the year.
  • Legumes may provide better drought tolerance and might be considered for vegetation where applicable.
  • If you don’t have water for hydromulch operations, plan to use mulch or erosion control blanket.  You may end up using erosion control blanket on flat ground.  These temporary covers may need to be removed before planting once the drought conditions have passed.
  • Non-traditional cuttings may be options for mulch cover.  Ditch cuttings, slash mulch, corn stalks, or possibly soy bean stubble (which may not crimp well) could all be options to consider.  Other vegetation such as cat tails may require permits from the DNR for harvest, but you may want to inquire about all vegetation material on your projects.

A recording of the forum can be found at the links below.


The following technical reference items have been used in the erosion program events.

Article on erosion channel lining stability